Padish Holdings

Padish Holdings is a 100% South African black owned company that works with companies and businesses that provides the services,generate the energy and manufacture the products we use everyday.

Padish Holdings enables Plants, Factories and effeciently, cleanly and safely. We understand that the timely and effeceint performance of our work is critical to our industry partners, helping them to continue to grow into the future.

Our purpose is to be the leader in the Wear Control Solutions for the industries we serve. Padish is dedicated to providing every customer with guaranteed top quality workmanship through the knowledge, skills and professionalism of our workforce and management.


  • We are always positive and helpful.
  • We are always go the extra mile for our customers.
  • We always look ahead and search for ways to provide a better ,safer and more effecient service.
  • We believe our customers are for life
  • We provide simple, direct and reliable communication lines.
  • We will inform, educate and protect our customers.

Padish's Direction and

Behavior are governed by:

service excellence
We are fully committed to providing with customer service excellence.its fundamental to our approach.
Performing together with our clients bt assuring repeated orders,further strengthening our reputation as the leading service provider.
Everyone has a voice.